Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How to change calc.exe menu using Resource Hacker

Hello friends!
Today I'm going to show you How to customize Windows from a small tool called "Resource Hacker".


Resource Hacker is a small but awesome tool to modify system files like DLL, EXE, CPL etc. Resource Hacker as its name suggests, hacks the resources of Windows and replace with customized ones.

You can download it using the following link.


Since it is only the beginning of our How to customize Windows so I'll only show you a basic customization in Windows Calculator .
Step 1: Download the Resource Hacker.
First Download Resource Hacker tool from the link provided above and Install it in your computer.
Step 2: Open Resource Hacker tool
Now open Resource Hacker by going All Programs--> Resource Hacker--> Resource Hacker.
Step 3: Backup Calc.exe
First backup your original Calc.exe file, which is located at %windir%:\WINDOWS\system32. %windir% is your system directory where Windows is installed.
Step 4: Open Calc.exe with Resource Hacker
Now Open calc.exe from Resource Hacker or you can drag and drop calc.exe to Resource Hacker's Window.
Step 5: Main Part: Editing
Now you can see in the left pane there is some folders.
Click on Menu folder and extend its contents and click on 106 folder. There you can see 1033 click on it.
Now you can see some codes in the Right Pane.
106 MENU
POPUP "&Edit"
MENUITEM "&Copy\tCtrl+C", 300
MENUITEM "&Paste\tCtrl+V", 301
POPUP "&View"
MENUITEM "S&tandard", 305
MENUITEM "&Scientific", 304
MENUITEM "D&igit grouping", 303
POPUP "&Help"
MENUITEM "&Help Topics ", 317
MENUITEM "&About Calculator", 302

Now replace "Scientific" or "Standard" with anything you want.
Remember put "&" before the letter which is not common in menu item.
Now Press "Compile Script" and Save your New (edited) file. Done!
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